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Snowberry Inn Bed & Breakfast - Located in Eden, Utah
(801) 745-2634

Last Chance to Save 40%!

Like most business, we are trying to find ways to stay open and be a safe option for our guests. We realized this summer that our busiest season was coming up and the pandemic may be an issue to be able to function normally. Since we reopened back in June, we have been running at half capacity so guests could have space for social distancing and to avoid putting too much pressure on the inn. The winter season runs differently than the rest of the year so we had to decide how we could continue stay open to get the most out of it and for our guests to get the most out of their stay. After consulting with our local tourism partners, it made sense to push for whole inn rentals. From our reviews we know our guests love the Snowberry Inn breakfast, but we decided that opening up the kitchen to the guests would be a safer option not just for the guests but for the innkeeper as well. 

This summer, the State of Utah announced that they were going to be able to offer several grants to small businesses. We were lucky to receive the Shop In Utah grant! This grant is unique because the money received must be given in a form a discount to customers. Because of this grant we are able to offer an incredible deal right now for whole inn rental: 

Only $650 per night for the 7 guest rooms for 17 guests!

That's up to 40% off!

Click HERE for more information. 

Whole Inn rentals are the best option we can offer right now for our guests. We feel those that are willing to travel this winter will be looking for lodging that is safe. Our inn give guests all the space they need without worry. And with access the kitchen, our guests can prepare meals so they won't have to eat out. Imagine spending the day in the mountains, coming back to your own lodge and relaxing under the stars in the hot tub! 

Call to book today! 801-745-2634

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